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Credits: Man_Bon

- 2 Quest Points
- 45,000 Defence XP
- 17,500 Constitution XP
- 15,000 Herblore XP
- 12,500 Summoning XP
- 5,000 Dungeoneering XP
- 100 more available ammo/rune binds within Daemonheim

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Kennith on the Daemonheim peninsula.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 60 Defence, 50 Constitution, 47 Herblore, 45 Summoning, 35 Dungeoneering
Quests: Kennith's Concerns

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon - Stat Enhancers can NOT be used on this skill to meet the quest requirements.
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon - These skills may be temporarily boosted with Stat Enhancers to complete the quest.

It's time to save the residents of Witchaven - not that they want rescuing from their 'enlightenment'.

A solution has finally been found for the sea-slug infestation and it's your job to lead a crack team of slug-slaying soldiers into battle against this slimy foe.

Part 1:
Venture into Daemonheim

Step 1: Meet the crew
Talk to Kennith
Meet him just westward

To start the quest, find Kennith who is by the boat at the Daemonheim peninsula. The fastest way there is to take the ferry from Al Kharid which takes you to Daemonheim. Since the previous quests, Kennith has grown up and become an adult. Have a chat with him and he will tell you to meet him in a slightly more private place. Fortunately he only teleported slightly west, so simply walk to the west to find him again. Talk to him; he will summon Ezekial Lovecraft and Eva, Sir Tiffy Cashien's niece. Talk to him again to find out what the plan is, and speak to Eva to proceed. Ezekial will blow a hole in the mountain terrain, revealing a tunnel for you to enter.

Step 2: Exploring the dungeon
Find the key
Unlock the door
Reach the creature

For this part of the quest, death is completely safe; you will not lose any items on death.

As you enter, a cutscene will play showing a player slaying a Soulgazer and receiving a Hexhunter bow, only to have herself and the bow destroyed by the pieces of wall caused from the explosion.

You are in control of the whole group with a new interface to the left. Select the portrait of any of the three companions, Kennith, Ezekial, and Eva, to take control of them. Click on it again to return to yourself. There are two buttons which let you select all of them and regroup them to make them return to and follow you. At any time when you are available, you can use food on the others to heal them.

Go east past the starting room to a room with various forgotten henchmen. You may ignore them or choose to fight them, then pick up the Blue triangle key and go back west to where you came from. Unlock the Blue triangle door and go inside. You will manage to find the creature that apparently will help disrupt Mother Mallum's mind-controlling power, but also encounter a Caustic gazer and an altered Guardian sphere puzzle. Take control of any one of the three heroes (whichever one you choose does not matter) and proceed.

Zybez RuneScape Help's screenshot of how to complete the guardian sphere puzzle

The path to take here is fairly simple. Jump across the first gap from the platform, then jump all the way north and one space west after. Next, jump back over east and walk one space south-east (the pillars are linked together). From here, go south and finally west to get to the other side. Inspect the creature there named the Seeker of Truth. You will need to make your way back to the other side; however, it is much easier to simply jump your way into the sphere which will cost you 500 life points.

Part 2:
Preparing to enter

Step 1: Arrival
Talk to Kennith, then Bailey

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of a player just arriving at the Fishing Platform Choose to teleport to the Fishing Platform with the rest to get there, and once there, talk to Kennith. He explains that although the creature plays an important role in stopping Mother Mallum's mind control, it isn't quite enough on its own. He needs a serum that requires a live sea slug to be caught, and the blood of a person who is willing to give it away. Ezekial suggests Bailey, who is next to you, may be able to help with that.

Step 2: Ingredient-gathering
Get Bailey's blood
Lure a sea slug
Talk to Kennith
Grind seeker gland

Upon talking to him, it becomes clear he has been possessed by a sea slug. Punch him; he will say he feels no pain. Trick him into slitting himself by telling him to prove it, and he will do so and give you some Blood-stained glass.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of green fishing spots Next, get to the east side of the platform and look out for some green-coloured fishing spots next to the dock in the water. Lure a sea slug out of there, and it will follow you. Make sure it follows you into the cabin where Kennith and the rest are. He will daze the sea slug and give it to you.

With both the blood and the live specimen, talk to Kennith to show them to him. You will receive a seeker gland which is to be ground together with the other ingredients with a Pestle and mortar, of which one can be found on the table nearby. Use it with the gland to create an Anti-mind control serum. Speak with Kennith and meet up with him next to the mountain on the platform.

Talk to one of the two Slug thralls who will deny entry. Ask them why you can't go in, and as expected, you are not one of them. Say that you are not a stranger, then say "I seek enlightenment in the joining", then "I wish to hear the...". The thralls will seem to be convinced you are also possessed and will let you through to their citadel.

Part 3:
Storm the citadel

Step 1: First cavern
Pull the levers in order

Throughout the folowing parts of the quest where you enter the citadel, death is also completely safe; you will not lose any items on death.

Zybez Runescape Help's map of the first cavern You will now control the rest of the group as with before again. Go round to the north and kill the Risen knight with the help of everyone. You will notice a Witchaven villager watching the bridge to the next section. Control one companion and send him/her behind the villager. Knock him out and get yourself over to the other side while he is stunned. Knock out the next villager in the way, pull the lever in the small room just past him, and make your way back by knocking out the villager watching the bridge again.

Recall your group, move into the room past the previously locked door and pull the lever to get to the next one with a band of Risen knights. They use all three combat styles and are capable of hitting up to 200, so turn on your Protect from Magic Prayer and call the rest to fight them. There is one knight standing on an unreachable island which can only be killed by Ranged or Magic, so use your companions to target him first. Once they are all killed, proceed through the cave entrance.

Step 2: Second cavern
Pull the levers in order

You will now be in another section of the cave, except this one has a puzzle. Recall your group again and make sure they are following you, then knock out the villager guarding the aisle and head north to the first lever. Using the diagram below as your reference, follow these steps to open the door ahead. Zybez Runescape Help's map of the second cavern

  1. Pull the lever at room 2
  2. Send Eva, Ezekial and Kennith to rooms 1, 3 and 6
  3. Pull the lever at room 6
  4. Send the hero from room 3 to 4
  5. Pull the lever at 4
  6. Pull lever 6
  7. Send the hero from room 1 to 8, knocking out the villager while you do
  8. Send the hero from room 4 to 7
  9. Pull lever 6
  10. Pull lever 8
  11. Send from room 6 to 4
  12. Pull lever 4
  13. Send from room 7 to 9
  14. Pull lever 9
  15. Pull lever 6
  16. Send from room 8 to 1
  17. Pull lever 6
  18. Finally, controlling yourself, recall your group and head to the next area

Step 3: Third room
Clear the knights
Pull each lever with all heroes

Zybez Runescape Help's map of the third cavern Go through the next entrance. This room is fairly simple and involves more combat. Firstly, clear the whole section of all the Risen knights and do not pull any of the levers yet as you will do this later. Once the monsters are dead, send each of the three heroes to pull the levers in the north-east, south-east, and south-west parts.

This will close the doors behind them, leaving you to take care of the north-west one which has a patroling villager. Knock him out and make your way past him to the lever. Pulling the final lever will unlock all the doors, so head back out and recall the group who will get back to where you are. Proceed to the next room.

Step 4: Final room
Investigate device
Combat the knights

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of the final cavern This is the final room before you face Mother Mallum. In the middle, there is a strange device that looks like a tree stump. Investigate it and put your hand in it. You will be out of action while you are investigating it, so while you are searching for a way to unlock the door to the queen, you must kill the knights that appear using your teammates. By now you should be familiar with the controls. Click the 'Select all' button and command them to attack the enemy. It is a good idea to send them towards the enemy strategically; Eva is weak to Magic, Kennith is weak to Ranged, and Ezekial is weak to melee attacks.

Be warned that since you cannot be controlled, you will not be able to use food on your companions to heal them, so make sure you let those who are low on health escape or you will need to start this puzzle again.

Step 5: Face-off against Mother Mallum
Destroy the wall with Ezekial
Talk to Brother Maledict with Kennith
Attack the queen
Topple the statue

Once the device has been activated, the door will unlock. Enter the cave and a cutscene will play where Mother Mallum will take control of your body. It is up to Kennith and Ezekial to throw the serum from behind. Take control of Kennith and talk to Brother Maledict past the door. He will open the door for you, then use Ezekial to break the wall ahead. Next, take control of both Kennith and Ezekial, and go east to destroy the wall and kill the knight.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of Mother Mallum possessing an old woman Send Ezekial and Kennith to either side of the chasm behind the queen (shown below), and choose to attack Mother Mallum. As planned, her powers will weaken slightly. Use Eva to knock out Mayor Hobb and attack her again. She will be thrown against a statue behind. Get behind it and topple it, which will crush the Mother, freeing you and causing her a quick and horrific death.

Zybez Runescape Help's screenshot of Mother Mallum possessing a player

Talk to Lucy who is lying on the ground. She appears to be talking like a young child despite her old age, meaning she was taken at a young age a long time ago. Either tell her the truth or lie to her. Afterward, exit the cave to meet up with the others. The queen is ridden of forever, Eva returns to complete paperwork, Ezekial goes back to his shop, and Kennith heads out to continue his adventure. Quest complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Quest Map

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