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Credits: Man_Bon; Episkey

- 1 Quest Point
- Ability to spy on one more penguin for Penguin Hide and Seek
- Thieving expansion to Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza
- 40k Crafting, Fishing XP
- 10k Construction, Thieving XP
- 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Chuck at Ardougne Zoo.

Members Only

Start Point Difficulty:
Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: Level 56 Crafting, Level 50 Construction, Level 50 Thieving, Level 65 Fishing.
Quest: Hunt for Red Raktuber, The
Item: Clockwork suit (optional)
Other: None

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Teddy - an agent of the PBJ - has gone missing while on the trail to find Larry. Chuck has received a ransom note from the Walrus and has asked you to investigate. Become a roadie for the famous Ping and Pong and break into a PoW camp to save Larry.

Part 1:

Step 1
Speak to Chuck
Go to Larry's boat north-east of Rellekka
Talk to the seal

Zybez Runescape Help's image of a player waking up the seal

Talk to Chuck in Ardougne Zoo to start the quest. He explains that one of his polar bear agents named Teddy has been captured by the Walrus, and is being held as a Prisoner of... Walrus. He tells you to seek out a band of seals who have landed on the coast of Rellekka where Larry's boat is (Map). Talk to him again to get him to teleport you straight there.

If you choose not to teleport, the fastest way to get there (if you have at least partially completed Fairy Tale II - Cure A Queen) is to use the Fairy Rings network and dial the code D-K-S. If you have level 71 Summoning, use an Arctic bear to teleport you to the polar Hunter area and go south to reach the coast. Otherwise, teleport to Rellekka using a charged Lyre and head out of town, or use the Teleport to Camelot spell and go north. You could also Home Teleport to Fremennik Province and travel North.

Once you get there, a few seals will be lying around just west of where Larry's boat is. Talk to the one which can be woken up. He will only be interested in talking to you if you entertain him. Do the Dance emote on the spot, but that won't be enough to satisfy him. He will explain that he is a fan of a pair of musician penguins. Luckily it happens he is a fan of Ping and Pong. Head to the iceberg by travelling on Larry's boat nearby.

Step 2
Enter your penguin suit
Talk to Ping and Pong
Make pop and rock costumes
Go back to the coast

Items required: Clockwork suit (optional)

The points of importance on the iceberg are labelled here, showing where Ping and Pong, Jim, and the avalanche are.

Once on the iceberg, you will find Ping and Pong right next to the boat. Talk to Ping and Pong. It seems they already knew you were a disguised human anyway. After requesting that you play a gig for the seals back at the coast, they will agree and hand you some materials to make them some costumes.

In your inventory, you will get: Yellow dye, Black mushroom ink, and a Crushed gem. If you lose them, you will need to get them back yourself. You can choose to make the costumes at your own Crafting table in your house, however there is one inside the penguin base which can only be entered with the use of the Clockwork suit (and getting in it through Jim's Tuxedo-time option). Go north-west and find the Avalanche which is the entrance, then investigate it to enter. Head straight down the corridor, and find the control panel tucked in the west corner to open the gate. Turn east and open the door. The Crafting table should be on the west side of the room. Use it to make a Pop costume and a Rock costume.

To get back through the gate where you entered, use the lever next to the gate. Now head back up to the surface and bring the costumes to Ping and Pong. Get out of your penguin suit by going back to Jim and using 'Tuxedo-time' again, and board the boat back to Rellekka.

When you get back, talk to Ping and Pong and the show will begin. The seals will be impressed and agree to take you to the seal camp, under the condition that you do not bring any items with you. Fortunately you can deposit all your items if you continue the dialogue. Speak to him again once you have done so and you will journey to their camp.

Part 2:
Rescue Teddy and Larry

Step 1
Speak to Teddy
Speak to Larry
Distract the Walrus

Zybez Runescape Help's image of a player talking to Teddy the polar bear

A cutscene will be shown where the Walrus makes his appearance and slips back into his house while ordering the seals and penguins not to disturb him. Go to the middle of the camp to find Teddy dressed in a jester outfit. Speak to him, and he will tell you that Larry has been held captive in the camp here along with him. The problem is, he has been brainwashed into thinking he is a penguin. Go slightly north to find Larry in a penguin costume and talk to him. He will engage in crazy talk and mention needing an egg. Talk to Teddy again and he'll tell you to find an egg for Larry.

Speak to Noodle who is by the south-western house. It is just west of the exit and there should be two vats of bubbling water inside. He tells you that the Walrus eats eggs for lunch, which is just what you need to get for Larry.

Find the south-eastern house where the Walrus is (just east of the exit) and attempt to open the door. You will overhear that the Walrus is indeed having an egg for lunch. Take the bat-in-a-box hanging by the door. Your task is to make as much noise as possible to distract him in order to take the egg. Ping, Pong, Teddy, and a Bouncer who is by the house just north will have an 'encourage' option. You have to go round encouraging each of these four. Start by encouraging the Bouncer, then Ping, then Pong, and lastly Teddy, then keep going round in a circle. When the bars above their head drop, it means they need to be encouraged a bit more.

Zybez Runescape Help's image of Ping and Pong and Teddy being encouraged

Keep repeating this until the Walrus finally comes out to tell them off. Get inside his house and steal from the table to receive the egg. Talk to Larry to give it to him. He will now agree to leave the island.

Step 2
Speak to Teddy
Speak to all 6 Penguins
Speak to Plaza
Make a board game for him

Talk to Teddy, and he will tell you to ask around for the penguins' escape plans. There are 6 to talk to in total: 4 in the center, 1 by the Fishing hole in the north-east corner, and 1 by the house where Larry is. You have to talk to the ones that are labelled as 'Penguin'. Talking to Ping, Pong, Noodle, or Plaza will not work. After you have done this, talk to Teddy to find all their plans are actually impractical and useless.

A new plan is formed. The submarine will be repaired in pretence of holding a live music show. First you will need to ask Plaza the penguin by the eastern house for the Blueprints. In exchange for them, he wants you to make him a physical board game as he is tired of playing "invisible" games with his opponent Astoria.

Start by getting everything you need. In the house next to him, search the shelves to get: Olive oil, Sugar cube, Popsicle tray, and Rock carving hammer. Get out and just north of the house, you will find a wood scrap pile. Take a Board from it. Then, go north-east where the Fishing hole is, and choose to fish out of it. You will get: Squid, Shark tooth, and Leather boots and Seaweed which are not needed. Next, find Teddy in the middle of the camp. Right-click him and choose to tear off his fabric to get a piece of Ripped fabric. Finally, go to the south-western house where Noodle is, go inside and search the northern shelves to get: Lye, and Cork screw.

When you get all the items, use the Olive oil with Lye to get Unmoulded soap. Use the soap with the Popsicle tray, then use the Squid on the tray to get Soap, and finally use the Rock carving hammer on it to get Carved soap. Now use the Board with the Ripped fabric (or Shark tooth) to get a Game board. Talk to Plaza and he will give you the Blueprints.

Step 3
Speak to Teddy
Inspect the engine
Beat Astoria at Battlefish
Search storehouse for equipment
Fix engine

Bring the Blueprints to Teddy. An interface of the engine will appear. Close it for now because you cannot do anything with it, and you will be told to ask Astoria the seal (by the eastern house) for the keys to the equipment storage. Speak to her, and you will be challenged to a game of Battlefish for the keys. Zybez Runescape Help's image of the submarine puzzle

This game is just like the popular Battleships. Both of you will start with 4 fish; 2 fish measuring 1x4 squares, and 2 others measuring 1x3. Place all four of them round the corners. When it is her turn, she will mainly aim around the center area. Your strategy should be to search for her ships by placing bombs two squares apart as shown here. This will cut down your search area by a half and is guaranteed to work since the smallest fish is 3 squares long. To speed up the game, every time a 'MISS' pop-up appears, click on it to close it and move on to the next turn.

Once you beat her, she will give you the keys to the storeroom which is just south of where you are (north-east of the Walrus' house). Get in and search the box to get some Circus props. Talk to Teddy to begin fixing the engine. You can see the names of the components by hovering over them and looking at their names on the top-left of your screen. This is a list of things you need to do:

  • Use the bowling pin on the lever slot
  • Use the disc with the pressure gauge, followed by the "finger"
  • Use the hoop with the valve wheel
  • Use the purple cloth with the pipe
  • Select the plain wire and use it with the red balloon to get a red wire, then use that wire with the wirebox
Zybez Runescape Help's image of the wire puzzle

The engine should be fixed now, so talk to Teddy and a cutscene will occur. While the show is underway, the submarine will suddenly take off and flee.

Part 3:
Escape from the island!

Step 1
Play battlefish
Manage the ship

As you begin to escape, you will be pursued by the seals from the camp. You will now need to engage them in battle through another game of Battlefish. While this is just a simple game, you now have the additional worry of having to manage your ship's components, so you must manage your ship while play at the same time.

This part requires a fair amount of concentration. You can do this part as many times as you like. If you fail, you will end up in the Grim Reaper's office. Just step into the portal and start over.

Zybez Runescape Help's image of the submarine puzzle

At the top-left of the window, you will see several bars. The ones that are important are the bottom five: Torpedoes, Engine, Windows, Air pump, Sonar. These will deplete over time, so send any one of Ping, Pong, Larry, and Noodle to watch these five components. When they watch them, their bars will rise. They will only be watching for a short while, so you must keep telling them to watch them. Also because there are five things to watch and only four companions, you must assign them to the components with the lowest bars first.

While you are managing your companions, you will not be able to play Battlefish. To resume the game, go to the left-most room and look at the periscope. This part of the quest will be complete only when you finish bombing the enemy's ships. As a reminder, to speed up the game, every time a 'MISS' pop-up appears, click on it to close it and move on to the next turn. It is strongly recommended you do this since completing this faster means you have less managing to do.

After you finish bombing the enemy ships, your team will emerge victorious and you will safely end up in Ardougne zoo where Chuck is. Ping and Pong will embark on their world tour, and Larry will regain his sanity. Congratulations, quest complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Q: What is the new Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza event?

A: This extra new event is based on Thieving and features Teddy as the assistant. You are given five tricks to perform and you may do them up to 10 times. The tricks you can do are: Levitate (level 50), Card trick (level 60), Flowers in sleeve (level 70), Bunny from hat (level 80), and Water tank (90). It is easy to get the maximum possible experience every week from this event, unless you are unlucky enough to fail more than 5 tricks.

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