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Credits: Brad S

- 3 Quest Points
- XP lamp (275,000 for your choice in Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic or Ranged)
- 100,000 Mining XP
- TzHaar title
- The ability to smith obsidian armour
- Access to the TokHaar Fight Cauldron
- 2 Squeal of Fortune spins

Start PointStart Point

Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Ak in TzHaar City plaza.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 7/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: 80 Defence, 80 Smithing, 72 Mining
Quest: Elder Kiln, The
Item: 6 free inventory slots, Rune Pickaxe or better


Item: Magic, Ranged and Melee armour, a crossbow and bolts, water spells, a slashing, stabbing, and crushing weapon.
Other: Must be able to defeat multiple level 170+ foes.

The continued survival of the TzHaar race hangs in the balance. More and more eggs are hatching as Ga'al - weak creatures born without the memories and skills of their ancestors - and their volcano city is cooling.The TzHaar prepare for a second expedition into the Elder Kiln, to resurrect their greatest warriors by fusing them painfully with the Ga'al underclass.

Part 1: Finding the Tokkul

Step 1
Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Ak
Scan the Communication Orb
Retrieve Tokkul of the TzHaar
Find 3 Ga'al

Items Needed: Rune Pickaxe or better.

Start the quest by heading to the TzHaar City and talking to TzHaar-Mej-Ak who is in the main plaza. If you have a Tokkul-Zo, teleport directly there with that. He will say that their race is dying because there are too many Ga'al. He wants you to bring to him the Tokkul of TzHaar-Ket-Teg, Tokkul of TzHaar-Xil-Kal, the Tokkul of TzHaar-Mej-Gek, and 3 Ga'al. He'll give you a Communication Orb to help you find them and bring them to him.

Activate the Communication Orb and start by finding the Tokkul of TzHaar-Mej-Gek. The orb will pull to the north and strongly to the east. Make your way east to the birthing pools and then go north to talk to TzHaar-Mej-Het. Tell him you're not here to steal anything and he will hand over the Tokkul of TzHaar-Mej-Gek. Scan the orb once more, and now search for TzHaar-Key-Teg; this time the orb pulls to the south and then the east. For this part, make sure you have a Rune pickaxe or better with you. Go south all the way to the front entrance of the TzHaar caves. There will be statues on the walls; find TzHaar-Xil-Kal, and mine it. You will receive 5 pieces of Tokkul, but they must be melted. Go directly north until you see a furnace and use the Tokkul with it. You'll now have the Tokkul of TzHaar-Xil-Kal. Give the Tokkul back to TzHaar-Mej-Ak who is in the plaza just to the north. Now the orb pulls slightly to the south and strongly to the east. Head to the Fight Kiln, and mine the statue on the wall to the south-west; again go back to the furnace and make the Tokkul.

Now you need to find the Ga'al. If you hadn't found some already when walking around the TzHaar City, use the directions to find the nearest Ga'al. Just talk to them to send them to the main plaza. You need to find three in total. Once you've talked to all three, return to the main plaza and talk to TzHaar-Mej-Ak. Once you give them the last Tokkul, they will be ready to meet you at the Elder Kiln, so go east to the Fight Kiln, and they will be there waiting.

Part 2: Entering the Kiln

Step 1
Enter the Elder Kiln
Kill foes and complete puzzles to advance through the tunnels

Items Needed: Stabbing weapon, water spells, slashing weapon, crossbow and bolts, and a crushing weapon.

Enter the Kiln and select the option to continue the quest. You'll enter a cutscene and follow that through until the end. After the cutscene you need to track down Ga'al Xox and you can use the Communication Orb to do so. He is by the TzHaar Obsidian Mine. Although the Communication Orb will pull to the north-east, you must go to the south-east, and then north-east through the tunnel to start a cutscene. Before entering the tunnel, be sure to be prepared for combat. You will be facing 5 Tz-Kih who are weak to stab attacks, so a stabbing weapon is recommended. Once you've cleared the room of the Tz-Kih go to the end of the cave and pick up the Obsidian mace from the ground, and the Obsidian sword, and the Obsidian knife from each of the scales in the room. Use the Obsidian mace with the western scale, and the Obsidian knife with the eastern scale.

You'll now be ready to enter the second tunnel. In here there will be 2 Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih and a Tz-Xil, with weaknesses to water, stab and slash respectively. Once you have cleared the cave, go further until you reach some statues. The goal of this puzzle is to match up the statues so they depict the combat triangle. Push the northern-most statue of TzHaar-Mej south and then to the east where TzHaar-Ket started out. Then move TzHaar-Ket north-west to the top of the triangle. When the arrows turn purple, it means the statue is facing the correct way. Once you've finished, the next doors will have opened.

The next cave contains 2 TokHaar-Ket and 2 TokHaar-Hur which are both weak to water. A TokHaar-Mej which is weak to bolts, and 2 TokHaar-Xil that are weak to crush. Finally you must face the TokHaar-Ket Champion which has no weaknesses. When you enter the room, search the bookcase which is right by the scale. Once finished, go north and pass through the hot vent door. Fight the monsters that appear while avoiding the hot lava coming up through the floor. When a square turns orange, it's hinting that lava will soon shoot up. Keep in mind the weaknesses of the monsters when fighting these. If you happen to die, you will respawn outside the cave with all of your items. Once you've killed the TokHaar-Ket Champion, pick up the Obsidian maul and go through to the door that Ga'al Xox went through and place the Obsidian maul on the scale.

Part 3: Halfway Through the Kiln

Step 1
Continue through the kiln killing the creatures and completing the puzzles

Items Needed: Crossbow and bolts, stabbing weapon, water spells, and a slashing weapon.

In the next room you will be facing 4 Tz-Kil which are weak to bolts. Once you've killed them all go to the end of the room and pick up all of the weapons lying on the ground. What you need to do here is put the correct weapon on the scales in front of the TzHaar that would most likely use it. Put the Obsidian knife or sword on the scale of Xil, the top left. Put the Obsidian staff on the scale of Mej, or the bottom left. Put the Obsidian throwing ring on the scale of Xil which is the scale on the bottom right, and finally the Obsidian mace on the scale of Ket, which is to the top right. Once you've put the obsidian weapons in the correct spot, the door will then open.

Through the next door there will be 3 Tz-Kih which are weak to stab. Once you've killed those 2 Tz-Kil and a Yt-Mejkot will appear. The Tz-Kil are weak to bolts, and the Yt-Mejkot has no weakness. Once they are dead go to the end of the cave and touch one of the pedestals. When you touch it, it will trigger the start of the puzzle. The goal is to touch the pedestals in the correct order, for a total of 8. Each time a different pedestal will light up, to advance you must touch the pedestals that had lit up before. For example if the bottom left pedestal glows, touch that, then the top left pedestal will glow, but to successfully advance you must press the bottom left pedestal first before the top left pedestal. Once you've touched 8 pedestals the door will open

When you enter this room pass through the hot vent door, avoiding the lava blasts again by standing away from the glowing orange squares. The next room contains 4 TokHaar-Hur which are weak to water spells. Once dead, 2 TokHaar-Mej will appear, weak to bolts, and a TokHaar-Ket weak to water spells. After those have been killed a TokHaar-Mej, weak to bolts, will appear and 2 TokHaar-Xil weak to slashing. After all of those have been killed 2 TokHaar-Ket Champions will spawn which have no weakness. When you've killed this wave, pick up the obsidian maul and go back through the hot vent door and put the weapon on the scale and the door will now open.

When you go through the door there will be 3 Tz-Kek waiting for you. Kill those with a stabbing weapon. Once you've killed these three move to the end of the room and take the Stone tablet and the obsidian weapons that are on the floor. The Stone tablet gives clues as to what weapon you should place on the scales. This varies from person to person, so use the Stone tablet to help you. Inspect each of the scales and see which weapons you need to place on the scales.

KetBlunt / defender / guard / large
XilSharp / hunter / killer / dangerous
MejMagic / mage / priest / parent
HurSmall / crafter / builder / sculptor

Once you've successfully finished the puzzle, move into the next room. There will be 3 Tz-Kil that are weak to bolts. Once those are dead, 2 Tz-Kek and a Ket-Zek will spawn. The Tz-Kek are weak to water spells, and the Ket-Zek is weak to bolts. Once you've dealt with them all, go to the end of the room. This puzzle requires that you rotate the markings until they all align.

  1. Rotate A twice
  2. Rotate B twice
  3. Rotate C twice
  4. Rotate D twice
  5. Rotate E once
  6. Rotate F once
  7. Rotate G three times
  8. Rotate H once
  9. Rotate I twice
Completed puzzle

When you've finished the puzzle, the door will open and you can head through. Go east through the hot vent gate and speak to Ga'al-Xox. Once you've spoken to him, go north and rotate the valve. After this the boss battle will commence, so be ready.

Part 4: TokHaar-Hok

Step 1
Enter through the hot vent door
Kill TokHaar-Hok
Speak to Ga'al-Xox
Return to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh

TokHaar-Hok does not have any weaknesses. He is level 196 and is susceptible to any sort of stun. You need to use a stun in the battle to keep TokHaar-Hok from healing himself in the flowing lava. To stun him you can use abilities, including the basic abilities such as Backhand, Binding Shot and Impact. For melee dual-wielders and mages, the Destroy and Asphyxiate Threshold abilities are a must. Even Ice Barrage counts as a stun, and an attack. If you can do Ancient Magicks (unlocked through completion of Desert Treasure) then Ice Barrage is a good option. Dharok's set also does good damage against TokHaar-Hok, but keep in mind for it to work best you must keep your health low, which can be risky.

Throughout the battle, TokHaar-Hok will summon various other TokHaar to his aid, and it is up to you if you would like to take on these creatures, or continue to pummel Tokhaar-Hok. Be warned that he will get stronger for each TokHaar that surrounds him (he will summon up to a maximum of 4). As soon as you defeat a type of TokHaar, that type will no longer appear, resulting in TokHaar-Hok summoning TokHaar-Hur to his aid and no others. For example, if TokHaar-Hok summons a TokHaar-Hok-Xil and you kill the Xil, he will no longer summon a Xil, meaning you will not have to worry about other Ranged attacks.

Remember that you will still have to keep moving around to avoid taking damage from the hot grates, and be careful not to rely on prayers too much as TokHaar-Hok will drain your Prayer points. You may not use any Summoning familiars, but you deploy Dreadnip for extra damage.

When you have defeated TokHaar-Hok, speak to Ga'al-Xox. He will tell you to return to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh and inform him of what happened, then travel to the Elder Kiln to meet Ga'al-Xox. After a lengthy cutscene, the storyline will finally be brought to a close. Congratulations, quest complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll

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