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Credits: Brad S

- 1 Quest Point.
- 300 Magic Experience
- 300 Runecrafting Experience
- First Tower Robe Top
- First Tower Robe Bottom
- Access to Archmage Sedridor's personal rune essence chest
- 2 Squeal of Fortune Spins

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Ariane in the ruins beneath the Wizards' Tower.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Quest: Rune Mysteries
Item: 14 free inventory spaces.


Item: Normal Spell Book

Having stopped the attack on the Wizards' Tower, Ariane wants to explore the ruins and find out more about the towers' past. But perhaps the threat wasn't dealt with as well as she'd hoped.

Part 1: The First Memory

Step 1
Talk To Ariane
Obtain prepared runes
Trigger the memory
Collect rest of the runes

Begin the quest by speaking to Ariane. She is located at the bottom of the ruins in the old tower. Enter the ruins, and go through the door where the rune guardian is. Then make your way down the stairs and across the statue and through the doorway down more stairs. Then go west and she will be standing by the vortexes.

She'll begin casting a spell to get rid of the power beam, but instead gets trapped in the beam and needs you to help get her out. She wants you to use a fire rune on a red vortex, and air rune on a grey vortex. Speak to Ariane once you've done that, she'll say by doing that you've trapped the souls of wizards that used to be in the old tower. By collecting these souls and placing them around the tower it can recreate the memories of what happened.

Go east and through the library doors. Go down to the bottom and use the glowing air rune on the grey chair, and the glowing fire rune on the red chair. The first memory will commence showing two wizards finding the art of teleportation. Once the memory is finished, return to Ariane. She'll have prepared six more runes for you to add souls to. Match the appropriate rune color with the vortex color. Nature runes and earth runes match up to the green vortex, chaos runes matches up to red, water runes and law runes to blue, and cosmic runes to grey. Talk to Ariane once again and she'll tell you to trigger another memory.

Part 2: The Second,Third and Fourth Memory

Step 1
Place runes on statues
Return to Ariane
Enter the studies room and trigger the third memory
Return to Ariane
Enter the library and trigger memory
Return to Ariane

Go west and back up the staircase to the very first room.

The second memory will then begin.Once it is finished go back down to Ariane. Then go north and through the studies door and go into the northeast room. Place the fire rune on the middle chair to the west and the chaos rune on the large throne chair. The third memory will then commence, with the red order talking about how the green order, Azris, stole their idea of teleportation and how they would find a second plane for the teleports to work. Once the memory has ended, return to Ariane.

Now head back into the library where the first memory took place.

  • Use a Glowing chaos rune on the table.
  • Use a Glowing water rune on the south-west chair.
  • Use a Glowing fire rune on the north-east chair.
  • Use a Glowing earth rune on the south-east chair.
  • Use a Glowing air rune on the north-west chair.

Once you've placed the runes in their appropriate spot, the memory will begin. Once the memory about the Zamorak order figuring out the spell has finished, return to Ariane.

Part 3: The Ritual

Step 1
Search the ruins for documents
Place runes on the ritual site
Talk to Wizard Ellaron
Use prepared runes on the beam

Ariane will ask you to find fragments of an old document so that she can figure out where all of the wizards stood during the ritual. Go north and into the studies room. Enter the first room, and search the northern most crate for one of the five documents. Then go to the north-east room and search the crate by the entry way. Then go into the north-west room and search the chest on the south wall. Make your way out of the studies room and back into the library, search the north-west shelves, and the eastern shelves to obtain all of the ancient document fragments.

Now you need to place the runes in the correct place on the floor around the beam. Start by putting the law rune in the north spot, and working in a clockwise direction: fire, nature, air, chaos, water, cosmic, earth. The final memory, the ritual, will then begin.

Once the ritual has finished, exit the ruins and make your way back into the Wizard's Tower to talk to Wizard Ellaron, he is in the entrance talking to Wizard Valina. Talk with him until Ariane appears back in the beam, and then talk to her. You'll learn you need to use a cosmic rune on the beam, so when it turns white, use the prepared cosmic rune. Then when the beam turns blue use a water rune on it, and ascend the beam. This time use an earth rune when it turns green, and a fire rune when it turns red. Again Ariane will go up, and follow her. This time use a law rune when it turns blue with a whirlwind at the bottom and a nature rune when it turns green with a whirlwind at the bottom. Follow her up once more. Now use the chaos rune when the beam turns red with a whirlwind around it and then finally an air rune when it turns grey.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Rewards After the Quest
Q: Are there any rewards after the quest?

A: Yes! Players with 99 Magic and 99 Runecrafting can receive the Archmage title. Also players can speak to the lesser demon in the tower and if you sacrifice a drop of blood, you will gain 10,000 Magic experience if you have 50 Magic. Otherwise, you will earn 10,000 Prayer experience if you have 50 Prayer.

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