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Credits: Spike; Tooheyy

- 1 Quest Point
- 1,406 Prayer XP
- Wolfbane
- Access to Morytania

Start Point

King Roald of Varrock

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Item: 50 Rune Essence or 25 Pure Essence, Bucket
Other: Ability to defeat Temple guardian and Monk of Zamorak


Skill: 30 Combat, Level 25 Magic
Item: Teleport Runes to Varrock, Mithril Weapon or better, Food (Lower Levels only), Essence Pouches: Bringing these can reduce the number of trips taken to deliver the Rune essence

Recently contact has been lost with the temple to Saradomin on Misthalin's eastern border. King Roald would be very interested to know what has caused this lack of communication, and seeks an adventurer willing to report back to him on the situation.

Part 1:
The Temple

Step 1
Talk to the king of Varrock, and he will tell you to visit Drezel.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Temple To start, talk to the King Roald of Varrock in his Palace.

He tells you that a priest named Drezel lives to the east and has blocked the passage from Misthalin to Morytania. He also says Drezel, the priest that works there, hasn't got in touch with him for a while, and wants you to go check on him. Accept his order, to start the quest.

To get to the Temple, exit Varrock out of its east exit; follow the road north until you hit a dead end. From there, go east again until you hit a wooden gate. Go through and follow the road. You will eventually end up at the Temple. Knock on the doors.

Step 2
Kill the dog in the Mausoleum.
Return to the king.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the entrance Somebody from inside will ask, "Who are you and what do you want?". Respond by saying that Roald sent you to check on Drezel. You will overhear two people whispering. They are trying to figure out who Drezel and Roald are. One will then speak up and pretend he is Drezel. He then says you can help them by killing a dog in the Mausoleum just north of the temple entrance.

Go north of the Temple to find the Mausoleum.

Go down the trap door and you will find a dog-like creature called Temple guardian Kill the dog and leave the Mausoleum via the ladder. Magic attacks do not work on him. Report back to the door. You will be greeted with laughter and they will tell you to go talk to King Roald about the dogs death.

Return to Varrock. Speak the King, and he will be OUTRAGED! He says that you have killed the dog that guards the entrance to Morytania. So, after threatening to behead you, he sends you back to the Temple.

Part 2:
Freeing Drezel & Invasion

Step 3
Talk to Drezel.
Kill a level 30 Zamorak mage for a gold key.
Find an iron key from a monument and free Drezel.
Get Drezel to bless a bucket of water.

Items needed: Bucket.

Once at the Temple, to your surprise, the doors swing open when you attempt to Knock. You walk in at your own pleasure to find out the place has been overrun with Zamorakian monks!

Go up to the third floor where you will see a coffin and Drezel locked up behind bars. Talk to him through the bars by clicking 'Talk through Cell Door'. He will tell you how he was locked up by the Zamorakians and how Morytania is full of evil. He will tell you how Varrock used to be ruled by evil and how the seven priests battled the evil creatures. He will also say that the River Salve, blessed by Saradomin, prevents evil from entering again. Then, he will tell you that Saradomin's presence is weakening in Misthalin due to the creatures in Morytania polluting the Salve river. Then you must agree to help Drezel in foiling the evil plot. Lastly he will inform you that the coffin that sits near to the cell contains a vampire that will kill Drezel if he goes near it.

Kill a Monk of Zamorak and eventually one will drop a golden key. Go back to the mausoleum and go through the gate that is just past the guard dog.Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Shrine to Saradomin in the Mausoleum

Go through that gate and into a huge Saradomin shrine. You can look at all the monuments, but do not "Take-from". It ends up just damaging you. It is suggested to fill up your Bucket with Water in the well while you are here.

Find the monument with the iron key in it by clicking and check on each of the monuments. Use your golden key with that monument. You character swaps the keys, giving you an iron key.

Go back to Drezel and use the iron key to get into his cage and talk to him. He'll tell you he's still afraid of the vampire in the coffin in the room and wants you to pour some holy water over it to prevent it from getting out. If you haven't already, Go back to the Saradomin Shrine and fill up a bucket with water in the well.

Simply talk to Drezel again and he'll bless your bucket of water. When you examine the bucket of water now, it should say that it is blessed. If it's not blessed yet it will say it's murky water. Use the blessed water on the coffin and talk to him again. He tells you he'll meet you down at the shrine.

Step 4
Give Drezel 50 Rune or Pure essence

Items needed: 50 Rune Essence (not noted)

Down at the shrine, go into the gate in the north-east corner past the monuments. Drezel is here and he says that the Zamorakians have polluted the well that led to the River Salve. He then says he's made a weak barrier to keep the other kingdom from coming, but that he can't hold it up much longer and needs you to purify the river. He says he has to stay and keep the barrier up, so he's leaving it up to you. You tell him of a magical rock that absorbs magical powers called Rune Essence. Drezel is excited and says that those may be enough to purify the water.

You need to take either 50 Rune Essence or 25 Pure Essence to Drezel, and the essence must be unnoted. It was take two trips if you use Rune Essence, but only one trip if you decide to use Pure Essence.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Priest In Peril Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does the Wolfbane dagger do?

A: It keeps Werewolves (see next) in human form. It adds: Attack bonuses: Stab +11 Slash +5 Crush -1 Magic +1 Defence bonuses: Magic +1 Other bonuses: Strength +10 Prayer +5

Q: Where are these werewolves?

A: Once the quest is completed. Go through the magical barrier Drezel made. Follow the road down to a small swamp town called Canifis. Here, you will see level 24 men and women. If you attack them with a normal weapon, be in for a surprise. The man or women will turn into a level 88 werewolf. But if you attack with a Wolfbane dagger, they will stay in human form.

Q: Can I get my Wolfbane dagger back if I drop it?

A: Yes, just talk to Drezel and he will give you another one.

Quest Map

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