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Zilyanna's Gift, Azzandra's Gift, Juna's Gift, Sixth-Age circuit, Off-hand dragon longsword, Off-hand dragon dagger, Obsidian maul, Obsidian warrior helm, Obsidian knife, Obsidian sword, Obsidian mace, Communication Orb, Ankh, Culinaromancer's gloves 6, D&D Token (troll invasion), Ornamental platebody, Ornamental chainbody, Finished bronze dagger, Finished bronze sword, High-quality bronze dagger, High-quality bronze sword, Shop sign, High-quality bronze bar, High-quality tin ore, High-quality copper ore, Wizard's diary, Broken anvil amulet, Mining sites map, Ore bag, Pendant of Summoning, Pop costume, Rock costume, Battered letter, Stone tablet, Decoder strips, Remora's Necklace, Coral crossbow, Healthy sapling, Budding sapling, Burning sapling, Restless Sleep potion, Rabbit sandwich, Expensive spices, Forged letter, Seal, Mouth-watering pie, Expensive spices, Terrible pie, Terrible pie (uncooked), Stinking potato, Manky crayfish, Maggoty pie shell, Maggoty flour, Red powder, Yellow powder, Blue powder, Burning log, The Book of Char, Firemaking Journal Contimplation (1), Sister anna's cell key, Illuminated ancient book, Illuminated unholy book, Illuminated holy book, Citharede robe bottom, Citharede robe top, Citharede symbol, Citharede hood, Rubber blackjack, Pirate spell sheet, Blisterwood staff, Blisterwood stake, Blisterwood polearm, Drakan's medallion, Giant harpoon, Sea chart, Harpoon plans, Surgical mask, Cosmic bar, Cosmic helmet, Cosmic boots, Cosmic body, Cosmic shield, Chaos helmet, Chaos gloves, Chaos shield, Chaos body, Shabby book, Notched book, Chaos boots, Minute crystal seeds, Big rock, Pretty flower, Keldagrim key, Keldagrim key mould, Miner, Chimp ice , Ava's alerter, Cramulet, Elite void knight top, Elite void knight top, Elite void knight top, Broken security block, Security block, Key block labelled "6", Key block labelled "5", Key block labelled "4", Key block labelled "3", Key block labelled "2", Black full helm (bugged), Black platelegs (bugged), Black platebody (bugged), Elite void knight robe, Korasi's sword, Void drone 'bug', Jessika's Research Notes, Void Knight Book, Antique lamp, Swanky Boots, Gunnar's ground, Dororan's engraved ring, Ring from jeffery, Love poem, Magic essence (1), Magic essence (2), Magic essence (3), Magic essence (unf), Mabel's lamp, Dummy, Yanille Tablet, Brimhaven Tablet, Pollnivneach Tablet, Rimmington Tablet, Rellekka Tablet, Body bar, Diagram, Key mould, Ragged book, Ragged elemental key, Human tooth, Mango with tooth, Blood necklace, Magic watering can, Fairy dossier, Gnarly, Tooth extractor, Bre'egth's tooth, Golden chalice, Complex key, Super large egg, Extra fine flour, Top-quality milk, Kayle's shortbow, Baby icefiend, Slashed book, Enchanted Emerald, Edvin's tool, Sacred oil (4), Sacred oil (3), Sacred oil (2), Compost potion, Ancient bones, Marinated j' bones, Cooked karambwan, Sticky red goop, Burnt fishcake, Cooked jubbly, Goutweedy lump, Engineer's letter, Plant cure, Bucket of water, Earth rune, Moonclan manual, Air Rune, Fire Rune, Mind rune, Sword fragment, Diseased kebbit fur, Fake beard, Magic stone, Old Diary., Soul Wars cape (red), Soul Wars cape (blue), Suboptimal flask, Defective spades, Guthix rest (4), Guthix rest (3), Guthix rest (2), Balmung, Experience lamp, Frostenhorn, Barrows Icon, Ground mud runes, Stone clippings, Oily rag, Rag, Sir Vant's oil can, Fuse, Cloth, Drugged meat, Letter(Creature of Fenkenstrain)


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