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Forgotten mage, Haakon the Champion, Ravenous snail, Forgotten ranger, Forgotten warrior, Ice spider, Mysterious shade, Leprechaun Champion, Assassin, Compost mound, Spirit kalphite, Albino rat, Desert wyrm, Granite crab, Spirit mosquito, Spirit Tz-Kih, Dreadfowl, Thorny snail, Spirit wolf, Mudskipper, Shady stranger, Customs officer, Skeleton, Skeleton, Zombie, Skeleton, Revenant goblin, Snow mage, Snow warrior, Snow ranger, Revenant goblin, Snothead, Cave lizard, Undead lumberjack, Undead lumberjack, Zombie, White knight, White knight, Outlaw, Bush snake, Penance ranger, Penance ranger, Penance fighter, Penance fighter, Penance fighter, Scorpion, Albatross, Billy goat, Giant rat, Water wizard, Fire wizard, Earth wizard, Flesh crawler, Flesh crawler, Minotaur, Zombie, Sir Mordred, Blessed spider, White wolf, Scorpion, Colonel Radick, Renegade knight, Jungle spider, Guard, Guard, Chaos druid warrior, Archer, White knight, Grizzly bear cub, Tower archer, Speedy Keith, Donny the Lad, Count Draynor, Black Heather, Watchman, Grizzly bear cub, Druid, Tribesman, Giant lobster, Vulture, Poison spider, Mounted terrorbird gnome, Camp dweller, Witches experiment second form, Temple guardian, Monk of Zamorak, Rockslug, Gunthor the brave, Ghost, Tower guard, Terrorbird, Soldier, Kalphite worker, Giant spider, Desert wolf, Delrith, Black unicorn, Necromancer, Jail guard, Head thief, Cave slime, Guard, Guard, Ghost, Black bear, Zombie, Crawling hand


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