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Zerker Max Gear, asd, fun pk, OSRS High level mage/melee rusher, Melee tank, Chuch, Clanwars-warpure, Best of F2P - Mage, 20 Def mage, 07 - 20 Def Ranger, 55 Def Tank, tank magic pk, High Str, os pking, Expensive and Brutal, Dragon claw luring, High Risk Pking, 07- 70 Defence 70 Range, 07 Range Pure EXPENSIVE, F2P maxed PKing gear, 07 OSRS Pirate hunter, 10 Def 07 Ranger, The Unforgiven, Suductif Berzerker, Stylish F2P Hybrid, Good Set For PK, Mage PK, Zerker average risk, 50 def pure, R3D and Dead, Max strength bonus with maul, low level mage pking, max str, 60dewf, actual best stab attack, 40 def pure, My gear, Strength bonus, Project XIV, Project XIII, Project XVII, Project XV, Ranging, Mage Sniper, range tank, Personal Setup (Max DDS), Torva best pking armor, mage tank, JaXt0r_412, Legit Mage Tank, Best Hybrid Gear, Ganodermic Max Magic Bonus, Cheap and good! Whip to dds!, the best, Turm Zerker, BiS Range PvP (RUSHING) *fixed*, Rarely bad Dclaws spec, chaotic pure, mage pure set(green), mage pure set(red), mage pure set, Facemob, Hand Cannon-Quick KO, Void D-Bow Rusher, High Risking Hibriding Mage-Melee, hybridmob2, hybridmob, Maxed Pure, Cheap PK set, green dragon pk set, Amazing., zerk in pk, mage pvp, My Dream Look, 10 hp d bow rusher, Obby maul, good for mage pking, veng n spell book change spell for tb., Ranged PK, anti-rushing, Melee Pking, My setup- A bit un-quested., RamboUnti, dagon hai dark bow, PK set 2, PK set 1, Void Cannoneer, Range pure, You wanna Kill me..., F2p range/mage brid, Void Mage!, AntiRushing :O, Best pure, Max Strength!, Soul Wars Ranged, Good Non-degradeable Strength, my korasi pure!<3, Maxed 60 att 1 defence str, Welfare Ranged Gear, Max mage atk, My Anti-Rush Gear, rng/str 40 deff , dbow void pure, P2P Pro Pking, Rune Pure F2P, Whip Korasi set, zerker pure, Korasi's Gear, Prayer Gear, Whip/dds Pk, Intro., Obby Pure, Low Risk Pking, Anti-rift bot killers, Turmoil rush/high risk, Akrisae set, the crazy pk, 20 def range, Battlemage, Ags/Whip Gear, Low def sum tank, 10 Defense, OldSchool, Hybrid Pure, Initiate Pure, my 1def pure rushing gear, Cheap Pk set., Green Dragon Bot Killing, TURM01L'S Brid Set (3), TURM01L'S Brid Set (2), TURM01L's Brid Set (1), My PvP Get up, Pking Set, Range/2h pure (risk), pking, anti-rush, Pures., super max hiting, best f2p lvl strength pure, f2p lvl 3 max strength, Range-Dharoker, F2P Range/Mage Hybrid, Extremely Accurate F2P Ranged, Mage Tanker, hybrid own, perfect rushing code 1992, Absolute Max Strength, pking for high lvls, Melee/Mage PK, disarm dearh, Hardcore Pker, Cheap range pk, My set , Old School Pk, Ranged Rushing, Combination of magic and meele PKing, maxed strength zerker pure, Turmoil Pure Progress., Good Attack bonus, Dragon claw rushing, TheBeastPKER, Good for pking , the chicken pker, chaotic pure, zerker fun, Obby Mauler (10 Def), my pk tank gear, My pure oking set, PvP Ownage, blackcat, best pking amour, F2P Tank Gear, Fun Pk Gear, turm pure uber pking, RuneCrafting Tank, Read The Disc For Inf., my ags pking set, pro 2 def pure set, players killer set(pk)1, wizards killer(WK), tank test, f2pSSS(super strength set), My P2p pk set, 1 def pure, F2P PK: Range Tank(3), welfare zerker pker, F2P PK: Range Tank(2), F2P PK: Range Tank(1), Pure f2p ranged pk, Fantasy Set, Magic Tank, My pure, puer ko set, Melee Switch for Rag Bridding, Rag Brid, Welfare Pk Gear, 30 Defence TurmoilPure, Chaotic Maul Tank, anti-ranger mage, F2p Ranged 2H, Get Out Da Way!, I'm A Beast!, F2P Range tank, Maxed Turm Zerker Pure, Best Hybrid Set! Rune Pure!, That Wen't Super Quick!, KillStreak!, Pure Set, Void D Bow Killin', Pure Hybrid, granite tank, CORRUPT PWNAGE, Fury Warrior², ahrimZ, dagon haiZ, pking set, Beast PK Gear, My PKing Set(RANGE), My PKing Set(MELEE), Beast Range, Chaotic Rapier Pure, F2P no arm G2H, Max Strength Bonus!, F2P Range/2h Pure Setup, my pking set, Ancients/Range Pure, 10def F2P Range/mage pure, F2P Range/mage Pure, 10def F2P Pker, BuhZerK, 1 defence mage setup, 0wnage, mage rushing, F2P no armor melee, G-maul rushing, tricky tricky, pking set #1, RunePker outfit members, lvl 24, 10 hp, maxed obby maul pker, F2p pking cheap set melee, Ultra Strength +205, Great PK with obby, f2p mage/tank, f2p mage/tank, f2p corrupt mage, Handcannon/agile build, Ownage Mage, 1-800-NoLife, att80 str99 dung80, Range Def Staking, 20 Def And Ownzz., Best armor set, F2P Tank gear, Range/Mage Hybrid, P2P Optimal 60 Attack PJing Melee (Strength) Pure - Instant Killer, My Pure Setup (Melee, F2P) 1 Defence, Beast Range Tank, My 80atk/80str/80def PvP Balanced Tank (Duel Arena), that's me, Dream Set, This Account Owns #3, This Account Owns #2, Beasted Brah., Dream Mage Set, Pk Ownage, D claw rushing, My Pking Set, Gladiator-F2P, Range/Ags, normal melee gear, Void / Dragon Claws, Zerker Hybrid, I'm Back And Pking Betta Then Eva., pure pk gear, awesome tanker, tank ownage, pk mage rush set, dethbringr's PKing set, strength, Obby Tank, f2p mage pk, zerker, Magic F2P PKing gear, My F2P PKing gear., Pernix Range Pking with D Claws, Pernix Range Pking with D Claws, Pernix Range Pking with D Claws, Pernix Range Pking with D Claws, Pernix Range Pking with D Claws, F2P Ranged/2H, pk is beast, f2p ranger, Cheap Obby Range Pure, My Turmoil Zerk, Obby Range Pure, -Strength!-, half Baked, Agile Pure , mage/tank, My F2P Pking Setup, f2p Mage/Tank, Ultimate Prayer Pure, high lvl brid, The Full Dragon, Ultimate Mage pwnage, Prayer Pure (1 def), 1 def prayer pure, My 1 def pure, Pure Ownage, Roflmfao! Read The Disc..., cheap pking, initiate pure, Ultra Modern, Defense Pure, Torva Raping, my GET OWNED! set :), Lol At This Pure., F2P (1def Range Pure), Hybrid Pker, basic f2p str pure., LoLoL, lollolololo, rapier pk, Staking Gear, effective range tank, Strider399's Melee Tank Gear, Staking Gear, Staking Gear, pure str pk f2p, Darkness, 99Agility G[Mauler] ME, skills, pk33r, Meele Pk'ing Set, Pro set most comon, pure pker, range tankin, pvp gear , Cheap and Effective ;), Turmoil Pking Set 2, Turmoil Pking, My Pk set, May I Pwn You?, Some pk set, Beast pwned, Barraging Soulwars, The summoning tank, Ultimate Berserker Pure., accepted risk for players., Void set, Specruhmz Pking V2, Rune Pure Max Str, bgs pking, Pro pking, My Rune Pure Updated Info., My Pure Set, F2p mage/melee hibrid, Cheap Prayer Pking, 1 Def pure , My Rune Pure (Maxed/Info), PK!!!!, Pking Set, pking, bloodseek's range pk gear, Spectruhmz pking, 25defence range/mage, Epic Filip, Cheap Pk set, max str (cheap), SpOiink - pure, lord makup tribute, the real pking set, Zerker Pure PK, forgot staff.., My pure PKing, thats right, Zerker Pure, BeastRANGER, F2P Strength Prayer Pure, Claw Cannon, Range pure, Range Armour Four Tanks F2P 40 def 99Range, 60 attack 80 def, Amazing Pker, just a fun set, Ultimatim PKER!, PK KING, Joe Zanders, if u havent fiished dragon slayer, Corrupt Pures Luring Outfit, Monster, Strength Ownage, old wildy pking, Obby mauler/ranger, dragon claw rushing, wanna pwn, PvP cheap gear, ranged tank, Mage-Range Inexpensive Set, d claw and barrage rusher, venge korasi pking gear, Chaos Blitz pk set, 30defence 60attack turmoil pure melee, welf pk gear, F2P Range/2h'er, pkin is fun!, F2P pure, OwNeD, Poor ppl Rapier pk-ing, The new pk, PeePee, the pking master, my dragon claw death, The Ultamite Pking Set, ultramike9, Best Def Pure Non-Degrading, F2P melee pker, Best Rapier/veng pking..., Super Warrior, verac and dragon, Best Magic Defence, Best Ranged Attack in game, vesta pro, Me..... :), F2P 30 def Pk, Pro Melee (Part 3) of 3, Pro Range Tank (Part 2) of 3, Pro Mage Tank Set (Part 1) of 3, jake, Awsome Pking Set, PvP Ranger, magic bow pwnage, max str bonus, RANGE RUSHER, pro crp beast solo, ultimate pwnage, PvP Set-Up, F2p Ranged tank, tjmmicrosoft, PvP Set Strength (Semi Exspensive), Thats how to Pk, Mystic/Firecape, how to own in a pk, noob pking by jaaaakkoooo , Decent 45 def pking gear, good pvp arm+wep, max strength, my new magic pvp set, Good Pking armor 4 Zerker, muh set, pure range pwnage, Warring Gear(Melee), This is how I pk, Ranger/2her No Armer, Cheap ranged tank, Fishy pk, Best Range Pk Tank, Best Pking Set, most fierfull pj, pking pvp set, Range tank, Claw Rushing Set, AGS RUSH, hybrid gear, My p2p pk set, low lv, cheap, and f2p, The Obby Tanker, low risk set on +1, Frog Leather Hand Cannon Prodigy Pure, Mage tanking (mainly mage), Meh Tank, pk armor, RuneScape all items maxed str, F2P Range/2h'er, my pk teammates (my friend) member 4., my pk teammates (my second brother) member 2., my pk teammates (me) member 1., pro ownage, Granite Mauler Melee set, cls pkin, F2p pker, My Favourite PK set, Wanna Hibryd me ?, Zerker Pking Gear, My pking gear, Summon Tank Pvp, Pro Mage, bomb set, Tank, statius tank, my armadyl gs tank, my crossbow tank, best pk armour, Max STR Power, for good pkin, Strength Cape Ownage, melle death, my ranger pking set, my magic pking set, magic pwnage, my pking set